About CAL-C

Punjab Information & Communication Technology Corporation Ltd (Punjab Infotech) is a Punjab Government Undertaking that has been successfully spearheading the Software Training revolution through a strong network of CAL-C Computer Education Centers in Punjab since 1988. Punjab Infotech is the premier agency of the state government in facilitating establishment of IT and IT enabled service's (ITES) industry in Punjab, and training human resources for this industries.
CAL-C, with its hand on the global pulse, identifies the needs of the IT/Knowledge Industry. IT software industry includes IT software, IT services and IT Enabled Services. Knowledge Industries include IT/Knowledge Industry, Nanotechnology, Consulting, Biotechnology, electronics, and telecommunications. This also includes Research and Development services and other specialized Institutions. Sectors to constantly upgrade its programs to translate student training into job opportunities. CAL-C provides focused software, hardware, networking and ITES courses with technical inputs from industry leaders. CAL-C has an extensive network of training partner centres in the region to provide quality computer training vis-Á-vis industry requirement. More than 95+ CAL-C Centres in Punjab & Himachal Pradesh.

About Amass Education

Welcome to the corridors of Amass, The premises not only prepare you to be merely professionals but also ensure you to pursue your dreams. And realise them too. At Amass Education, you are sure to carve a successful career for yourself. We help you in attaining excellent standards. Our highly focused programmes and practical classroom session with equip you with skills, which employers search in their candidates.
Amass Education is a result of a long-nurtured vision. Since its inception in the year 2000, it has never deviated from its objective to produce specialized manpower for the national and global enterprises. At a time when computerized financial accounting was looked at as only a whim, Amass took a step ahead and opened a new corridor for the industry to follow in this highly specialized field. Since then, it is unflinchingly upgrading its quality. We firmly believe that most majestic of your dreams are realized at Amass.

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